What We Do

We provide aid and advocacy for former members of high-demand religious groups, with a particular focus on supporting former members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC). We also raise awareness about the experiences of leavers of high-demand religious sects.
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Support for Former Members

There are many ways in which our friends at the Olive Leaf Network may be able to support you.

Some people appreciate simply having an understanding friend to talk through challenges, and others need more significant support like emergency accommodation or legal advice. The Olive Leaf Network primarily provides signposting support – we do not offer legal advice, accommodation, counselling or financial support ourselves.  However,  we can recommend and connect you to wider avenues of support in these areas and many others that are relevant to your particular situation. 

Some of those who contact us are not yet ready to leave their group or may never do so, but they want support for thinking through their options. Others may have left a high-demand religious group many years ago, but find themselves in later years wanting to connect with others who understand the particular challenges faced by former members of such groups. 

Wherever you are at with your journey, we would love to hear from you.

How We Can Help You

We connect former members of high-demand religious groups, especially the PBCC (Exclusive Brethren), with support and signposting communication that aids them in their journey into a different life.

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Get In Touch

We’re here to help! Please send us a message using this form, or go to our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

Please be reassured that all communication with the Olive Leaf Network will be held in strict confidence. Your personal information will only be shared with others beyond our network with your permission, unless you or others are in danger, in which case we will inform relevant authorities.